West Virginians encouraged to take the broadband speed test

CHARLESTON, WV — If you think West Virginia needs faster broadband, you can take a test to help make it happen.

The West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WVDED) and the Broadband Enhancement Council are encouraging West Virginians to take an internet speed test.

“This is an effort to help improve broadband access in West Virginia and get better internet service to areas that need it the most,” said WVDED Secretary Mitch Carmichael. “Data collected from the speed test will be instrumental in making decisions about broadband access in West Virginia moving forward.”

The speed tests will be used to make an accurate map to identify where investment in broadband is needed most. The results will determine where future funds will be allocated to improve access.

To take the speed test

The test is followed by a few additional questions about location and internet service. From start to finish, the process takes less than five minutes.

The broadband speed test has been publicized across the state in a campaign by the Broadband Enhancement Council. The campaign, using text messages and digital advertising, urges West Virginians to participate in the speed test.