West Virginia MBPS Eligible Service Area Map Released

The West Virginia Department of Economic Development, the West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council and the State Broadband Office, have released the Major Broadband Project Strategies Eligible Service Area Map.

All West Virginia Broadband Investment Plan grant program applicants should use the Eligible Service Area dataset to generate sets of project proposals. While the Eligible Service Area Map is for the use of applicants to grant programs of the West Virginia Broadband Investment Plan, they are not intended to distinguish between all served and all unserved addresses in the state. See published program procedures for additional detail.

Future Improvements

The Department will continue to seek updates from Internet Service Providers at regular intervals about broadband service availability. The Department also welcomes continued input from communities and impacted West Virginians about broadband service, especially when it can improve the state’s data.

These address-level maps are a substantial improvement over older, less granular broadband maps, but they are not yet perfect. Some information is estimated from information available to the Department at the present time. New and additional data will inform future funding opportunities.