The following committees are being developed as working groups to provide information and recommendations to the Broadband Enhancement Council. Council members will chair and serve as committee leadership. Non-council members will be invited to serve on each of these committees.

Adoption Committee

Robert L. Cole – Committee Chairman
Rural Residential User – Congressional District 1

Michael J. Holstine, P.E.
Rural Business User – Congressional District 3

Romie A. “Pete” Hobbs
Rural Residential User – Congressional District 3

Infrastructure Committee

Jeff Proctor – Committee Chair
Council Member

Robert L. Morris, Jr.
Council Chair
Urban Residential User

Joshua Spence
West Virginia Office of Technology

The Honorable Robert Plymale 
West Virginia Senate

Education Committee

Matt Turner – Committee Chair
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Brenda Morris
West Virginia Department of Education

Ruth Bland
West Virginia Department of Education

Eric Burgy
West Virginia Department of Education

Terri Tomblin-Byrd
Mountwest CTC

Chuck Elliott
Concord University

Ron Hamilton 
Eastern CTC

Julia Legg
West Virginia Department of Education

Brice Knotts
West Virginia University

Frank Seesink