West Virginia Statement on ARPA Broadband Investment Plan

The West Virginia Department of Economic Development and the West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council are pleased to announce the West Virginia Broadband Investment Program. This program will utilize funding provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to expand broadband in West Virginia.

Check this page for program updates, descriptions, applications, and resources. This information will be updated pending issuance of guidance by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the federal agency charged with administering ARPA funding.

The ARPA will dedicate $2.17 billion to West Virginia through various funding streams. The Capital Projects Fund includes $138 million for broadband development in West Virginia.  “The focus of the Capital Projects Fund on the continuing need for connectivity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic complements the broader range of uses, including for broadband infrastructure, of the American Rescue Plan’s separate $350 billion Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.”

While the Capital Projects Fund is specifically for broadband infrastructure, State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds can also be dedicated to broadband development.  Recognizing this potential partnership, the State program will provide an opportunity to coordinate ARPA funding on state and local levels. The following funding is provided under each program:

  • The State Fiscal Recovery Fund includes $1,355,489,988 allocated to the State of West Virginia.
  • The Local Fiscal Recovery Fund includes funding for cities, counties, and non-entitlement entities in the following amounts:
    • $348,103,547 for 55 West Virginia Counties,
    • $168,188,715 for nine West Virginia Cities, and
    • $162,490,814 for Non-Entitlement Entities

West Virginia is embarking on a mission to bridge the digital divide. This program is designed to integrate the need for broadband connectivity with practical solutions to help connect communities throughout West Virginia. Working together, West Virginia can achieve a more connected future.