Useful Broadband Links

The West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council recommends the following links as resources to learn more about broadband and various opportunities to acquire broadband services in underserved and unserved areas of West Virginia.

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s Guide to Federal Resources for Broadband Expansion and Improvement

“The Power of Broadband Partnership: A Toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments.” This toolkit created by BroadbandUSA provides an overview of common broadband partnership models and identifies several factors that communities should consider when developing a successful partnership.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman announces August as “Rural Broadband Month at the FCC”

Microsoft unveils plan to bring broadband internet to rural U.S: 12 states targeted

NTIA Guide to Network Construction Expenses

Broadband USA online guides

Technical Assistance Planning and Funding Workshop – sponsored by BroadbandUSA – is scheduled for September 19, 2017 in Charleston, WV. This half-day workshop will provide insight into planning and funding a broadband infrastructure project.

Technical Assistance: BroadbandUSA provides technical assistance to communities that want to improve their broadband capacity and use broadband more effectively.

Resources: BroadbandUSA provides expert, impartial advice and field-proven tools for assessing broadband adoption, planning new infrastructure, and engaging a wide range of partners in broadband projects.

Broadband USA Connectivity Assessment Tool (BCAT): BroadbandUSA is engaging community, corporate and civic leaders to develop and finalize a set of connectivity indicators, create a strategic online self-assessment, and expand resources that support and accelerate local broadband planning efforts.