USDA Releases free e-Connectivity Toolkit

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released a new toolkit to support the deployment of high-speed broadband in rural communities with the development of an e-Connectivity Toolkit.  This e-Connectivity Toolkit features 27 USDA programs that support broadband deployment, which includes the recently announced ReConnect program that is allocating $600 million in loans and grants for broadband projects in rural America, and other telecom programs.

The easy-to-use toolkit allows citizens to identify their type of e-connectivity project and locate federal government resources for planning, equipment, construction, research and other e-Connectivity projects. Resources such as grants, loans and technical assistance are available from multiple USDA divisions.  

The toolkit highlights examples of how e-connectivity resources are being used to increase access to broadband services in rural communities. It is free and can be printed for offline use.


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