Broadband in the West Virginia Code

The West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council was established in code during the 2017 Regular Legislative Session with the passage of House Bill 3093 and signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice. The Code sets the many directives for the Council with the primary emphasis being on the development of broadband infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas of the State.

WV House Chambers

During the 2018 Regular Legislative Session, three bills were passed and signed into law that included language related to broadband subjects.

Senate Bill 445 – This bill provides parameters for the state Division of Highways to acquire real or personal property for utility accommodation, including broadband.

House Bill 4447 – This bill addresses broadband conduit installation and is commonly referred to as the "Dig Once Policy."

House Bill 4629 – This bill updates language in House Bill 3093 as it relates to expansion policies.