BEAD Volume 2 Presentation

The WVDED has published the BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2 for review and comment.  Comments will be accepted through November 20, 2023. The document is available at The WVDED team provided a detailed overview of Initial Proposal Volume 2 at the November 9 meeting of the West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council. This recording is available here:

Volume 2 follows the requirements of the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) to address local coordination, subgrantee selection for deployment and non-deployment, implementation activities, labor standards, workforce readiness, provisions for minority and women owned businesses, cost and barrier reduction, climate assessment, low-cost broadband service, regulatory issues, middle class affordability, and other components as required by NTIA.

Following West Virginia’s release of the Volume 2 draft, NTIA published guidance related to two important requirements: 1) Letter of Credit, and 2) Low Cost Service Option. Public comments are welcome on these topics, and recent guidance will be incorporated into the final version.

The most recent FAQs are available here