NTIA Approval Not Yet Received: BEAD Challenge Process Planned to Launch January 2024

In anticipation of NTIA approval of West Virginia’s BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 1, the WVDED is providing notification of its Challenge Process. This notice is provided in compliance with West Virginia’s Initial Proposal Volume I and following the example provided in NTIA’s Model Challenge Process. The Office of Broadband is preparing to launch the BEAD Challenge Process early January 2024. Challengers eligible to participate in this process include units of local government, nonprofit organizations, and internet service providers (ISPs). Instructions for participating in the BEAD Challenge Process are available Here. The dates on the latest instructions will be updated upon NTIA’s approval of Initial Proposal Volume 1.

These instructions provide an overview of the challenge process phases, challenge timelines, and information on how to submit and rebut a challenge. These instructions will be posted publicly for at least a week prior to opening the challenge submission window. The WVDED will post a recorded webinar to provide detailed instructions regarding the Challenge Process.

Note: This information in this document is subject to update and clarification. Any changes will be announced through the WVDED website and other official channels, with any changes documented in a change log available to the public.