WV Broadband

WVBIP: LEAD Round 3 Application Window Opening

The West Virginia Department of Economic Development will open the second round of the Line Extension Advancement and Development (LEAD) Program on October 18, 2023. 

LEAD Round 3 Program Procedures have been published to this page. The Department will not be conducting a LEAD Round 3 webinar. However, the PowerPoint Presentation and recording of the LEAD Round 2 Webinar are available on the front-page of broadband.wv.gov. Interested applicants are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Broadband for any questions regarding this round of LEAD funding.

The Target Area Address dataset for this program will be available in ZoomGrants. Please use this dataset for all applications.

The Department has allocated approximately $22 million to the LEAD Round 3 grant program. The application window will be open to submit applications between October 18, 2023, and November 17, 2023.

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